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Steamulation Cooling Control

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Targeted heat regulation of the tobacco bowl. Individual setting options. Cross-brand compatibility. That’s innovation. This is Steamulation.

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Steamulation expands their range of cooling elements with another product – the Cooling Control Adapter.

In contrast to the cooling diffuser, the cooling control adapter is mounted between the base and the smoke column, which means that the heat of the tobacco head can be specifically regulated during the session.

When in use, blow-out air is directed to the tobacco head via the upper smoke column. The air volume is individually adjustable. However, it can be switched off completely if required or remain activated throughout the entire smoking session.

By inserting the adapter, the blow-out pressure increases slightly, but this can be regulated with the AirFlow-Control.

The Cooling Control Adapter can be combined with all Steamulation X Blow Offs and Sleeves and is compatible with the latest Steamulation models.


Pro X Mini, Pro X Prime Gen II, Pro X III

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