The hookah charcoal (also called fahma) can be divided into two types: rapid igniter (self-igniting charcoal tablets) and natural charcoal. The natural charcoal is the slightly less harmful variant.

The fast-igniting shisha charcoal is intended more for on the go. These are easy to light and you can start smoking right away. With natural charcoal you need a charcoal lighter or gas burner to get it glowing. This process takes a little longer, but they glow longer and are more tasteless than the quick-ignition coals.

The charcoal is placed on the tobacco head and thus over the shisha tobacco using a variety of tools such as a chimney attachment, aluminium foil or charcoal sieve. You will also find punches and hole punches with us, with which the aluminium foil can be punched cleanly.

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