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Paname Charcoal Primer

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Electric charcoal lighter for natural charcoal in the shape of a toaster

The Toaster charcoal lighter is an electrical device intended for the rapid ignition of natural charcoal for shisha. Whatever form of natural charcoal you use (25mm cubes, 26mm cubes, camemberts, tablets or sticks) you can ignite them quickly with the Toaster charcoal lighter. 

The specificity of the Toaster charcoal lighter lies in its toaster shape and in the arrangement of its heating element. This revolves around the coal support allowing the coals to be lit on 3 sides at the same time.

The Toaster Charcoal Lighter is a device for private use which is not intended for use in a shisha bar or for professional use. It will allow you to quickly light up to 5 or 6 coals simultaneously. The charcoal toaster lighter has a power of 800 Watts.



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