Hookain – LiTLiP Large Phunnel – Marine Blue XL

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The Lit Lip Phunnel Marine Blue XL from Hookain convinces with its timeless design as well as the highest quality and functionality. The Lit Lip XL holds 7g more tobacco than the original. Due to the larger tobacco depot, you can smoke longer and more intensive.

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The Lit Lip Phunnel Marine Blue XL from Hookain is made up of two different chamotte clays, which have been coordinated so that the tobacco head offers perfect heat management. In particular, the good heat storage properties and the enormous heat resistance are among the great advantages of fireclay. The high-quality glaze and its processing protect the XL Phunnel from bleeding and is particularly durable.

The Lit Lip Phunnel XL depot holds 7 grams more tobacco. The XL Phunnel is slightly deeper, the XL Phunnel hole is smaller and the outer walls of the depot are narrower.

The Lit Lip XL has a capacity of 20-27g. After about 1 hour and 30 minutes, all the tobacco in the depot is evenly burned, although there are of course deviations in the type of tobacco and manufacturer.

Material: clay / stone,

Size: 11,3cm
Width: approx. 7.6 cm
Depth tobacco depot: approx. 1.3 cm

Weight 0.25 kg
Color Glass


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