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Steamulation Cooling Diffuser – Carbon Black

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The innovative Steamulation Cooling Diffuser enables the targeted blowing out of the smoke column and has an integrated water-cooled molasses catcher.

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Steamulation surprises again with another fascinating innovation, which offers you a very special smoking experience at the highest level. The manufacturer has developed a product that optimizes the numerous functions of your pipes and increases smoking pleasure.

The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser is made of high-quality V2A stainless steel and carbon and is compatible with all current Steamulation models.

The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser allows you to cool the tobacco head through 4 purge valves, which allow the column of smoke to be blown out. You can set the blow-out volume and the response behavior thanks to the purge valve balls and adapt them individually. The supplied plastic balls reinforce the cooling effect. The V4A balls, on the other hand, reduce the desired cooling effect.

The balls can be exchanged. The cooling diffuser holds a total of 4 spheres. These can be mixed with each other, for example:

4 plastic balls = maximum cooling effect
2 plastic balls + 2 V4A balls = medium cooling effect
4 V4A balls = lowest cooling effect

Another feature of the Cooling Diffuser is that the Dip Tube Control is already integrated, with which you can easily adjust the length of the dip tube in 10 different stages. The draft and suit are adjusted.

Thanks to the 16 air nozzles, the bubbling noises are reduced and ensure a soft suit without minimizing the draft. The diffuser valve automatically rinses the diffuser. This self-cleaning effect always guarantees optimal draft. Last but not least, this accessory has an integrated molasses catcher.

The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser is compatible with all current steamulation models.

Including: Steamulation Superior, Pro X II (2021), Pro X (2020), Prime Pro X, Classic & Prime.

Except: Steamulation Pro model from 2019

Scope of delivery:

– Cooling diffuser
– White plastic balls
– V4A balls, silver

Material: stainless steel

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